Buying seeds online from people that we only knew by their username.
Buying seeds online from people that we only know by their username. But this time with Bitcoin.
Story  PurpleFarm
No Mids Allowed
You just secured the bag. Nothing beats the feeling of kicking back, popping the seal, taking that deep breath in, and inspecting big, dense buds. The type you take a photo of and send to your smoke buddy. If you aren’t getting that, you are going to the wrong guy.

We grow enough to supply a few neighbourhoods with cannabis, because, well, that’s our experience. We’ve never had a problem moving a bag, because we have never not given people that insane top bud they were searching for.
Share The Knowledge
We don’t keep our cards close to the chest. We are a product of strangers over internet message boards generously sharing their stories and knowledge, back when it wasn’t permitted to study or grow cannabis. We have learned through experience and want to share those experiences with you. Besides, if you can grow something as good as us, we are excited to smoke your flower too!
Some people would call us craft
We like to say we grow our cannabis with respect for quality. which means
Hand Trimmed
Perfect Cure
Hang Dried
Small Batch
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