About Purplefarm

The cannabis industry was around and thriving long before October 2018, and we're here to say that it's not just about Indica and Sativa. We grow plants in our facilities so we can cultivate the future of high culture. Purplefarm is a cannabis producer with a legacy of over 20 years of growing behind us. We’re excited to finally offer our top-shelf flower to the world, starting with our Sour Glue (released through Indiva’s Artisan Batch). Our team is made up of experienced growers and passionate advocates who are committed to putting the best product in your hands.

Our facilities


Nestled in the new Industrial Park and encouraged by the enthusiastic support of the Municipality of Edwardsburgh,  our 12,741 square foot facility hosts three cultivation rooms for a combined 5,600 square feet, with 4,800 square feet of flower canopy. Small but mighty, this facility is able to produce a minimum of 1,700 kilograms of dried cannabis per year.

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The facility is 86,000 square feet and is expected to produce over 7,000 kilograms of cannabis buds a year. With 28,600 square feet of flowering space, our Fredericton facility also gives us room to play, with 4,000 square feet dedicated to our mother plants and the vegetative period, and a further 540 square feet for cloning. Fully outfitted for maximum flowering production, this facility boastsHVAC, environmental controls, irrigation system, UV biological controls, etc.

About Purplefarm

Top Secret Location

Holy fighter jets! Our very best specimens are grown at a facility in a secret location where we can truly dial in on the most desired characteristics. It's like finding an artist in their studio, only instead they're painting with cannabis plants and rather than the pigments catching your eye, your olfactory senses light up with the depth of flavour and aroma that could only have come from the generations of plants that went into that final masterpiece.

About Purplefarm

Our craft

With a relentless focus on quality, we are always pursuing the best flower in the industry, regardless of what our competitors are up to. Purplefarm is constantly looking to raise the bar with new strains that feature rare genetics, all while continuing to dial in and improve on our existing offerings.  We work hard to ensure that each and every bag you get from us continues to impress, and we will settle for nothing less than pure gas when you crack it! Achieving these goals requires an unwavering dedication towards ensuring every plant gets the care and attention it deserves, which is why our team will do anything and everything in the process—even whispering sweet nothings—for that perfect end result.

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Our process

1. Pheno Hunting

We love the plant, which is why we strive for the most diverse and premium offerings. Our team has spent years cultivating relationships with North America's finest breeders who can provide the wildest strains imaginable! When choosing our latest genetics, whether it be based on terpenes or potency (or both!), we are always mindful of thoseother, more practical metrics like yield and grow quality, so you can just focus on the good stuff.
2. Choosing the Strain

Craft cannabis brings smaller yields, which gives producers more room to experiment with new strains or those that require more care. While any strain can be produced to craft standards, we find that some genetics really sing with the extra effort and exacting conditions, where others might be just fine with less face-time. Our goal is always to bring you something special, and that quality always comes from the care involved.
3. Trimming and Harvesting

Craft cannabis is hand-processed, which means that it gets a little more attention than the rest. Craft producers really get their hands dirty with this process: checking plants daily, waiting for the perfect moment to harvest by hand, and manicuring each and every bud for maximum bag appeal. All this attention, from planning to packaging, ensures a perfect experience time after time.
4. Drying and Curing

Patience is key to preserving the aroma and potency in cannabis flower. Craft producers use the centuries-old technique of hanging the branches of their full plants upside down, allowing them to dry for weeks at a time, away from direct light sources which would cause rapid loss of moisture and terpene content.

The flower is then cured slowly to retain  all the complexity in its distinctly aromatic mix of terpenes. After the buds have been dried to the producer’s satisfaction, they are placed into large containers and kept in consistent cold temperatures, which allows time for moisture levels to stabilize, perfecting the experience for the consumer.

After it’s been dried and cured, the flower is ready to be packaged or milled and rolled into pre-rolls.
5. Testing

To ensure the most accurate levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, we test our cannabis products at their final stage in curing.

We're committed to providing you with the best microbiological and analytical testing of our products. That's why every single harvest undergoes rigorous testing at accredited third-party labs before it ever makes its way into the packaging.
6. Package It Up, Ship It Out

Our team works at every stage to preserve the precious and delicate trichomes on our flower, which is why we choose to hand-package. Purplefarm packs its dried flower in carefully-sealed recyclable bags so it stays fresh, giving the customer an eco-friendly experience while they enjoy their craft cannabis!